Management and Leadership (Eng)

About Cambridge Business School

Cambridge Business School is a prestigious educational institution focused on providing business education in professional MBA programmes. The content of the programmes is based on the latest knowledge in the field of business education and the quality of the study is guaranteed by prestigious accreditation and membership of international association and by lecturers at a highly professional level with many years of experience.

Professional education programs at Cambridge Business School offer participants to expand their managerial knowledge and skills beyond higher education. The programmes are intended not only for entrepreneurs or members of higher management but for all who are interested in improving their knowledge and the expansion of their knowledge to the field of practical use.

Why Cambridge Business School

Cambridge Business School offers flexible form of study and therefore is adapted for very busy participants. Thanks to the flexible form of study the students can customize their own study plan according to their own time options. The lectures provided by Cambridge Business School are set up for student's easy access to studies while not losing their every-day work standards.

An important aspect is also the possibility of each student to enrich the lectures consulting their corporate affairs and problems directly in the lessons with lecturers. Cambridge Business School also allows their students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and information to their own working environment.

Our lecturers are experts, each dedicated to a specific area of the educational programme, and their goal is to help students to be able to effectively apply theoretical knowledge into practice. The lectures are based on real examples, real projects and case studies. The results and added values of this approach is the fulfilment of the main vision of the Cambridge Business School which is the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical professional life.

Management and Leadership

Cambridge Business School brings the whole new concept of a flexible form of study of prestigious MBA degree and provides students with an extraordinary opportunity to study the Management and Leadership programme in English.

The MBA Management and Leadership program provides students with practical information from all the important areas of management that are necessary for the highly professional performance of their top manager position. Students will gain valuable knowledge of a various specialized management activities, including knowledge related to marketing communication, international business or commercial law. The program also provides students with knowledge to help them improve their communication skills, to learn how to lead and motivate teams, and to ensure personal development. The program composition makes it ideal for entrepreneurs, middle and senior management members, executives and anyone who is interested in following modern management trends and being able to effectively use it.

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Get an extraordinary discount of 45.000 CZK on MBA studies. Take advantage of this limited offer and seize the possibility of quality MBA study at special price of 89.000 CZK excluding VAT (original price of MBA study is 124.000 CZK without VAT). Do not hesitate to submit your application.

The submission of application is free of charge and does not take up more than 2 minutes

The price includes

  • processing of the application

  • interactive lectures in form of workshops with quality lecturers for each of the modules, including refreshments and lunch,

  • access to modern on-line educational platform during the period of studies,

  • complete study materials needed for the studies,

  • every student obtain access to online library with more than 5 200 online titles,

  • the possibility to change study programme up to 4 months after the initiation of study,

  • consultations and support of lecturers ,

  • diploma in English with bilingual supplement,

  • graduation ceremony,

  • possibility to prolong studies up to additional 3 years,

  • thesis supervisor and opponent from our lecturer team + their review of final thesis

  • 3 attempts to pass each module,

  • possibility to retake unsuccessful defence of final thesis,

  • access to school´s landing library ,

  • full administration support of our study department,

  • alumni club,

  • additional lectures and seminars on current topics,

  • alternative dates for missed classes,

  • personal approach, individual solutions of study matters

  • possibility to obtain international IES certification.

By graduation in our MBA programme you can obtain international certification IES.

The submission of application form is free of charge, you do not pay any handling fee.

It is possible to pay for the studies in EUR.

Possibility of installment payment

Students may pay the total price or spread payment into two installments. After individual request and agreement the payment can be spread into more installments. The maturity date is due in 14 days after signing the study contract, other installments follow according to agreed installment plan.

Tax allowances

MBA studies are tax-deductible item that can be applied by the employer and entrepreneur as income for professional development in the income tax base. At the same time, it is an employee's income that is exempt under the Income Tax Act if the study is related to the employer's business.

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